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Jamestown Milk Welcomes You

Local convenience store sells
various Plants and Flowers

Jamestown Milk Convenience Store is located at 592 Parliament St. Toronto, downtown east. A variety of plants and flowers are available throughout the year. We update items coming through the Instagram account below, so please check the prices and names of the plants.

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We do not sell and ship online, but only deliver to nearby areas after ordering/reserve via Instagram and in-person purchase. If you don't have an Instagram account, please contact Julia through the button below.

We offer free delivery for purchases over $250 within a 10km radius from our store. For purchases under $250 within this radius, there is a delivery fee of $25 WHEN WE ARE AVAILABLE. 


Up to 10km from the store, free shipping on orders over $250.

If you need a few pots and require shipping or delivery, please reach out to a company that specializes in delivering plants.


Luscious Palm Leaves
Flower Selection
Caladium Plant Leaves

Tropical Plants

  • Bird of Paradis

  • Yucca

  • Majesty Palms

  • Bamboo Palms

  • Areca Palms

  • Cataractarum Palms

  • Fish tail Palms

  • Spindle Palms

  • Chinese Fan Palms

  • Lyrata Ficus

  • Ficus Ail

  • Ficus Moclame

  • Scheffera Amate

  • Monstera 

and more​


We have seasonal potted flowers during the summer.

  • Hydrangea

  • Tulip

  • Gardenia

  • Jasmine

  • Hanging Baskets

  • Agapanthus

  • Hibiscus

  • Begonia

  • Impatiens

  • Geraniums

and more

Also, we have fresh cut flowers through out the year.


  • Burro's Tail

  • String of Pearls

  • Variegated string of pearls

  • Copper spoon

  •  Bear Paw

  • Aeonium Kiwi

  • Jade

  • Jelly Bean

  • Echeveria

  • Sedum

  • Crassula

  • Haworthia

  • Senecio

and more

Rare Plants

  • Gloriosum

  • Mc Dowell

  • Variegated Frydek

  • Anthurium Decipiens

  • Florida Ghost

  • Clarinervium

  • Variegated Ring of Fire

  • White Princess Philo

  • Pink Princess Philo

  • Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

  • Infernalis Black Panther

  • Philo Painted Lady 

and more

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